CFLF Partners

Since 2008, Genentech has awarded numerous substantial charitable contributions and event sponsorships totaling over $115,000 to the CFLF. Genentech is the manufacturer of Pulmozyme, a mucolytic medicine that is nebulized by patients with cystic fibrosis in order to create a more normal viscosity of mucous membranes. Genentech has been a leader in the corporate support of the CFLF with tremendous impact on the growth of the organization.


As a new partner of the CFLF, over $200,000 in support has provided the CFLF with a highly engaged partnership of outreach that brings the opportunity of CFLF Recreation Grants directly into every CF treatment center throughout the US. New and exciting programs to be offered by the CFLF are also currently in development with the support of Actavis + Allergen funding and resource involvement.


As one of the most up and coming companies involved in the development of cutting edge CF treatments, the promise of Vertex medications including Kalydeco and other combinations of medications has created tremendous progress and hope in the CF community by addressing the root causes of abnormal mucous. With over $106,000 in charitable grants to the CFLF, Vertex has supported the tremendous growth of the organization since 2012.


Since 2010, Foundation Care has supported the CFLF with over $30,000 in funding and promotional support. Foundation Care serves as a full service retail pharmacy that provides customized patient care and personalized service focused on patients' health and well-being at the core. Based in St. Louis, MO, patients are served locally and nationally with a specialty focus on respiratory and diabetic treatments.


OneBreath is an initiative of The CHEST Foundation, the philantrhoic arm of the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP). Advisory Board member Thomas Lahiri, MD (Burlington, VT) was awarded the “D. Robert McCaffree, MD, Master FCCP Humanitarian Award” of $15,000 one time toward funding for the “Living Xtreme: Beyond Cystic Fibrosis” video documentary.


Gilead Sciences is the manufacturer of Cayston, an inhaled antibiotic that is an effective treatment of the multi-resistant bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa in people with CF. Gilead became involved with supporting the CFLF through a $5,000 toward the video documentary project “Living Xtreme: Beyond Cystic Fibrosis”, and has continued is corporate support of the CFLF totaling more than another $54,000 in grants.


Compass Furnished Apartments has been a lifetime supporter of the CFLF through grants, volunteer support and event participation for more than a decade. As a Boston based company, primary involvement has been with the Boston 'Breathe Deep for Cystic Fibrosis' annual event.  The CFLF is incredibly grateful for the generous longevity and diversity of support from Compass.


In-kind Sponsors



The tremendous commitment of SalesForce to the non-profit sector has enabled an ongoing donation of this client relations management (CRM) cloud-based software. Valued at $15,000 per year, this program has revolutionized the ability of CFLF to track the lifetime of all grants and donations received across all campaigns and events, as well as all Recreation Grant payments tied to various funds. Cross-referenced information has become easily accessible through SalesForce, providing a tremendous empowerment to the CFLF management of data.

The generous support of Google AdWords Grants for Non Profits provides a $10,000 per month allowance toward increasing the online presence of CFLF, and awareness of cystic fibrosis, events, and the CFLF Recreation Grant program.  Thank you Google!


Foundation Support


Research Fund for Cystic Fibrosis – As a founding supporter of the CFLF since 2006, this fund has provided ongoing support. Having been created in response to the passing of Dr. John Jacoby, who was a CF physician also living with CF, this fund has provided tremendous contribution to the CF community in numerous capacities.


The Flatley Family Foundation – Since 2011, John Flatley and the family foundation have become increasingly involved with supporting the CFLF. Unrestricted and matching grants have enabled the CFLF to more than double it’s capacity and impact.


The Hamilton Company Foundation - Boston, MA

Smith Family Foundation – New York, NY

The Gerald K. and Virginia A. Hornung Famly Foundation – Shelburne, VT

State Street Foundation – Princeton, NJ

Key Bank Foundation – Cleveland, OH

NYSE Foundation – New York, NY

The Amgen Foundation – Princeton, NJ

Wilmot Wheeler Foundation – Burlington, VT

Boomer Esiason Foundation – New York, NY

Courtney and Victoria Buffum Family Foundation – Burlington, VT

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Pharmacy – Bethesda, MD

Stark Community Foundation – Canton, OH

The Lintilhac Foundation – Shelburne, VT

Windhover Foundatoin – Sussex, WI


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