Recreation Grants

2020 Recreation Grant Cycle Is Now Open


Applications are now available for download.


The deadlines for the 2020 cycle are:

First Grant Cycle - 
The CFLF has currently suspended our March 31, 2020 Recreation Grant cycle due to COVID-19 impacts on CFLF fundraising and closures of most recreational activities. It is our hope that in the near future with financial stabilization we will be able to establish a temporary program to provide exercise related assistance in response to the needs we hear from the CF Community. Applications that have already been received will be considered for alternate assistance at the time. 


Second Grant Cycle - September 30, 2020 - 11:59pm EST


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Cystic Fibrosis Recreation Grant Guidelines:


  • Due to limited available funding, the CFLF is not able to approve all Recreation Grant requests.
  • Recreation Grant requests may not exceed $500 (or $1,000 for a Peer Support grant).
  • CFLF will only consider COMPLETE applications, this includes answering ALL questions AND including a photo. If information is missing, a letter of denial will be sent. 
  • Applicants may only submit one type of application at a time.
  • The annual financial information for the household (including ALL members in the household) that we ask for helps us to evaulate financial need. Leaving this field blank will have a negative impact on the review of your application.
  • Applications MUST be completed by the person with CF. If a child is unable to write the parent or guardian may transcribe for them, but the words must come from the applicant.
  • Applications are reviewed bi-annually with deadlines on:

             o   March 31

             o   September 30

             o   Applications must be received no later than midnight on the day of the deadline

             o   Loretta Morris Fund and Canadian grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis and may be submitted any time.

  • CFLF will pay directly for activities (within six months following the deadline) to the billing activity company or organization. Funds, including reimbursement for past actviities, will NOT be paid to the grant recipient.
  • Funds may not be requested for the purchase of equipment, unless a necessary exception has been deemed appropriate. (Please contact us ahead of time to discuss).
  • If an applicant is denied, they may reapply for the same, or different activity, with a new application as soon as they would like.
  • Only one Recreation Grant can be awarded per recipient per year. (Example: If an applicant was approved in April 2018, they would not be elibigle for approval again until April 2019).
  • We ask that applicants agree to provide feedback during the period of their grant at intake, 12, and 24 months. The “CF Questionnaire” (CFQ-R) is a four-page assessment tool that has been thoroughly studied for reliability and validity. We have received permission to use this tool to assess any effects on the physical, psychological and social quality of life for the grant recipients.
  • A Letter of Reference may be included with the application, but it is not mandatory. If one is included, it should be from someone who is familiar with the applicant and with CF. Examples include, CF doctor, nurse, dietician, respiratory therapist, pulmonologist, or social worker.




  • Swimming lessons
  • Horseback riding lessons/leasing
  • Rock climbing lessons
  • Surfing lessons
  • Yoga classes
  • Dance classes
  • Martial arts classes
  • Water aerobics classes
  • Fitness classes
  • Gym membership
  • Ski/snowboard pass
  • Summer camp
  • Sports camp
  • Triathlon training camp
  • Marathon fees
  • Golf fees
  • Sports team/league fees
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