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Supporters of the CFLF are full of great ideas, and we would love to hear them!  Whether you would like to have a pot-luck fundraising dinner, a backyard pool party, a XC-ski gathering, or anything around your own personal interest, the CFLF would offer it's support with promoting your event and providing any necessary materials.  In this stressed economy, grassroots fundraising has played an even more critical role in the financial ability of the organization in continuing to provide recreation grants.  If you are a Grant Recipient, a family/friend of someone with CF, possibly a grant recipient, or just someone who supports what CFLF does - we welcome your help!

Each year the CFLF gains greater public support through the many ways in which people are able to join the CFLF effort.


Fundraising Events

The CFLF has been generating a number of fundraising events in various geographic areas.  Currently the Northeast holds the majority of events with functions in Vermont, Massachusetts and New Jersey.  While the CFLF Board of Directors is located across the US, there are plans to grow our fundraising locations as well.  Please look through the pages in this area to virtually join us at current CFLF events.


Grassroots Efforts

Many smaller initiatives to help the CFLF have been created by those who have realized the importance of the CFLF mission in some way.  Whether it is a Grant Recipient, their family and friends, a local company or team of hospital care-givers, the support that comes through these events are incredible ways that people get behind the CFLF.  If you would like to suggest an idea to the CFLF for a fundraising event that you would like to host please visit the "Suggest An Event" page.


Some examples of grassroots efforts you could do to help CFLF include:

  • XC-ski gathering
  • Cartwheel-a-thon
  • Bunco for CFLF
  • Potluck "Dish & a Donation"
  • Backyard pool party
  • Individuals doing local running events
  • 24-hour Bounce Castle
  • Letter campaigns to friends/family


Volunteer - click HERE

Human resources is as critical to CFLF as financial resource.  Your help is needed for CFLF to continue to grow, and reach many more people living with CF who want to improve their own life.  

Some ways that you could contribute your time and talent include:

  • Help at an event in your area
  • Coordinate a fundraising effort
  • Join a planning committee for a new or existing event
  • Participate on the Board of Directors, or on a sub-committee
  • Help with outreach to the CF and general communities about CFLF
  • Share your skills on an administrative project

Contact to share your ideas or request any help with making your idea happen!

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